Principal Investigators

Angus Lau, PhD

Our group focuses on the development of novel MRI technologies to revolutionize the way in which radiation treatment is delivered in the clinic. We are building techniques for an advanced image-guided radiotherapy platform called the “MRI-LINAC”, which integrates an external beam linear accelerator with a diagnostic 1.5T MRI scanner. This innovative device enables delivery of external beam radiation whilst the patient is within the MRI environment, allowing access to the exquisite soft tissue contrast and non-invasive nature of MRI at treatment time. Our main research directions include the development of real-time beam-on imaging sequences for adaptive radiotherapy and the integration of non-contrast molecular imaging for improved treatment response monitoring. In the long run, these technologies to visualize tumours and their response will change the way in which radiation treatment is clinically used, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


Our aim is to develop and enhance the use of ultrasound techniques to improve cancer treatment. Our primary focus is the development of quantitative ultrasound (QUS) methods to monitor cancer therapy response. In addition, we have are developing novel ultrasound-based therapies to improve current conventional cancer treatments. Our ultimate goal is to implement both clinically at the end of the proposed research period, with clinical evaluations of enhanced imaging and cancer treatment derived from these research objectives.


Translate these strategies from bench to bedside.


Educate basic scientists, bioengineers, and oncologists in the integrative biology of cancer.